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Comedy Cabaret Flyer

Cast out of Germany at a young age, Thomas Bottoms washed upon the shores of the United States to be greeted by disco and “You Light Up My Life.”  His Dutch father and Swedish mother promptly wanted to return to Europe but decided to stay in the United States.  Travelling like gypsies in search of the almighty dollar, Thomas has lived in Fort Worth, TX; Cleveland, OH; Window Rock, Arizona; Indianapolis, IN; Denver, CO; Kansas City, MO; and currently resides in Chicago, IL.  In other words, he’s been around.  With his parent’s heritage, he is blatantly “white on white.”

Thomas Bottoms lies about his age and claims to be 23, although the above paragraph references disco.  When questioned, he only admits to some hard living.

Thomas Bottoms is a Chicago based stand up comedian.  His comedic style is "blunt and bitchy."  He holds a mirror up to the world and tells you what he sees, unfiltered. 

He currently runs the Comedy Cabaret @ 3160 and has performed at Zanies, The Edge Comedy Club, Laughtrack at Sidetrack, Carthage College in Kenosha, and many other venues in Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri.  He is the former co-host of the podcast “Shut That Bitch Up” and the former emcee for the comedy open mic at Hog Head McDunnas.  He has hosted many events for the LGCC-KC, particularly “GMSG” and the notorious “B-Movie Night.”

Upon his passing, he will be survived by his parents, his younger brother and his demon kitty.  His other two brothers beat him to the pearly gates.  As the pink sheep from two black sheep family members, he can’t think of anyone else.  He wants his ashes mixed with his two beloved cats, Apathy and Ivory, and Diana Ross played at his funeral, mostly to punish those dumb enough to attend.

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