Comedy Clubs feature performer/emcee

Zanies Comedy Club, Chicago, IL

The Edge Comedy Club, Chicago, IL

Lakeshore Theatre, Chicago, IL

Comedy Under the Tap, Oswego, IL

Spin Nightclub, Chicago, IL

Laugh Track at Sidetrack, Chicago, IL

It’s All About Us, Union Grove, WI

Hollywood Lounge, Chicago, IL

Exit Nightclub, Chicago, IL

1901 Gallery, Chicago, IL

The Eagle, Morris, IL

The Goose, Morris, IL

The Roadhouse, Channahon, IL

Sidekicks, Kansas City, MO

Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL

Gorilla Tango Theatre, Chicago, IL

Mary’s Attic, Chicago, IL

Hog Head McDunnas, Chicago, IL

Comedy Cabaret @ 3160, Chicago, IL

The Globe Pub, Chicago, IL

Crossroads Pub, Naperville, IL

Seven-Ten Lounge, Chicago, IL

Café Two07, Chicago, IL

Calvetti’s Martini Grille, Riverside, IL

She-Nannigans, Chicago, IL

Roscoe’s, Chicago, IL

Rose Colored Glasses, Chicago, IL

Worked with

Louie Anderson, Kyle Cease, Halli Bjorgford, Dave Odd, Jay Harris, Patty Vasquez, Jim Rauth, Drew Michael, Aaron Kozbiel,  Mike the Psycho Bus Driver, Cameron Esposito, Mike Palasek, Ricky March, Martin Galloly, Bradley Thomas, Supna Kumar, Jade, Danny Kallas, Bubba Muski, Marc Peurye, Chevy Debbie, and more.


  • Carthage College, Kenosha, IL


“Is She Going Home?” Actor, directed by Martin Perea.

“Aunt Edna’s Wedding Anniversary” Actor, directed by Jonathan Schultze.


“Shut That Bitch Up” – co-host, 76 episodes

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